The last of Desert Hot Springs, The Orangest of counties

Our time in the desert would not have been complete without another pool photo shoot. While taking these, Julie and I discovered that I don’t float well, and that I also like taking others down to the bottom of the pool with me. We also discovered that floating for long periods of time can make you dizzy! Behold our synchronized swimming beauty:




We drove back to Orange, CA from Desert Hot Springs, and this is the only photo I managed to get of those elusive windmills:


After arriving at Julie and Scott’s house, I got to hang with Gibson, the cat:



I snapped some photos of Julie and Scott while we waited to get dinner:




And now I’m back in San Diego for another 4 days of adventure and hanging out with friends. I’m trying to fill up on as much friend time as possible before I venture out alone into the wilds of Florida.