Prague day 3, 4, 5

I have gotten very behind on blogging!

After my day of rest on Saturday (Aug. 16), I spent Sunday exploring the city. I took another free walking tour that took us around the Old Town Square and the Jewish Quarter. I mostly learned that like a lot of Eastern Europe, Prague has spent a long time being occupied by other countries. Also, Czech people like to throw people out of windows when they are angry (at least according to my guide- there has been lots of waring between Catholics and Protestants.)

The Prague astronomical clock, first installed in 1410.


Some people on the tour act out a saintly miracle.

Kafka statue from a story I haven’t read.

This square was constantly full of people.
After the walking tour, I had some dinner (Thai food- for some reason a lot of the time I spent in Budapest and Prague was spent trying to satiate my insatiable appetite for Asian food.)

Then I made my way to the Spanish Synagogue for another stringed instrument concert where I got to hear Bolero, which was very exciting for me.









I started Monday with a nice long walk around the east side of the city. I walked from my airbnb to Riegrovy sady, which was a park with a view of the city. Then I made my way to the tv tower and saw a sculpture/installation by the artist David Cerny.

Shit? Happens


Giant babies by David Cerny.





I had to go to the Sex Machines museum, which was mostly creepy and contained machines, devices, and garments from different historical eras.


Creepy sex shrouds.


After the sex machines, I took the second half of the 3 hour walking tour from the day before, where we explored the other side of the river.

“Venice of the North.”







I made a friend, Michely, on the walking tour and we decided to have a traditional Czech dinner together.









I started Tuesday with a lengthly ritual of cleaning out my suitcase and backpack, doing laundry, charging all of my electronics, and feeling organized for the first time in weeks.

Then I had breakfast at a cafe close to “home” and then went to see an exhibition at the Leica Gallery. It was an exhibition of street photography by Felix Lupa.




Then I took another really long, meandering walk around the city.



View from one of the islands in the middle of the river. This one had a “beach” which was basically a very small strip of sand on one edge.



The Memorial to the victims of Communism

Who are these people? Seriously.

I ended my walk back in the Jewish District, where I got probably one of the best haircuts I’ve ever had.

After that I went back to my airbnb, said goodbye to my host Pauline, grabbed some Vietnamese food to go, and caught my 10:30 PM overnight bus to Belgium.