ANVIL (2019)

photo by Jenny May Peterson

Performed in the 2019 NW New Works Festival
On the Boards, Seattle, WA

two drifters
i don’t wanna die
there’s such a lot of world to see

A dance sourced from internet workout fads and Hollywood death scenes- together we do our due diligence to prepare for personal disaster.

Concept: Jenny May Peterson
Performers: Jenny May Peterson and Hendri Walujo
Set Design: Jenny May Peterson
Sound Design: Jenny May Peterson
Choreography: Jenny May Peterson in collaboration with Hendri Walujo
Music/Sound: Bluewhisper, Gibi ASMR and ASMR Aurette YouTube channels; “Bridge Over Troubled Water” Written by Simon and Garfunkel Performed by Portsmouth Sinfonia; “Hellissandur Mast” Recorded by Aino Tytti; “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor; “Seal Cove Pond 10/30 8am” by Aaron Lewis;“Moon River” Written by Henri Mancini Performed by Steve Gilson, Jenny May Peterson, Hendri Walujo

So many thanks to: Michael Jenkins, Gary Peterson, Kaitlin McCarthy, Matt Kane, and Kate Hailey

ANVIL trailer from Jennifer Peterson on Vimeo.
Video: Abigail Hagen

photos by Kate Hailey