Papoose (2013-14)


Performed in ORANGE in collaboration with the Pat Graney Company
Velocity Dance Center, May 29-30 2014
Performed in BOOST Dance Festival 2014
Erickson Theater, April 4-5, 2014
Choreography by Kaitlin McCarthy and Jenny Peterson
A preliminary version was performed at Velocity’s Fall Kick Off 2013.

We aim to create a duet that injects humor and absurdity into the complex relationships between mothers and daughters–a tense intimacy which is closely bonded and yet pulling in opposite directions. Our movement research has sourced from very specific images that we have then abstracted: frantically trying to kill a wasp while standing on a wicker chair, the panicked eyes of a horse during a storm, as well as riffing on various mother archetypes from literature, history, and popular culture.


Photos by Joseph Lambert

Selections from Papoose.
Choreographed in collaboration with Kaitlin McCarthy.
Video by Valerie Vozza. Editing by Kaitlin McCarthy.
Music by Yves Klein.
All rights reserved.

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