Twinsies (2013)


Performed as part of the show HOT MESS, independently produced in collaboration with Kaitlin McCarthy and Rachel Rugh.
Velocity Dance Center, Feb 22-23 2013
Choreography by Jenny Peterson

Twinsies examines the intensities between two girls who have developed a shared identity through their friendship. What happens when an inborn symbiotic bond is hurled over the edge by the vulgar self-interest of becoming an individual?


Photos by Kate Hailey

Selections from Twinsies.
Length of complete work: 27 minutes
Video by Lou Karsen. Editing by Jenny Peterson.
Dancers are Jenny Peterson and Annie McGhee
Music by Victor Herbert (Babes in Toyland), Timber Timbre, Yo La Tengo, John Philip Sousa, Nancy Sinatra, Parachute Express.
All rights reserved.

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