San Diego, Little Italy, Spruce Street Suspension Bridge

Today (after taking my morning dance class) Melissa came over for some adventuring. We decided we wanted to go down to Little Italy because I’ve always wanted to photograph the airplanes landing. I stood in one spot for about 20 minutes and captured as many as I could. Here’s my version of the composite airplane photo:




We passed a few brewery/tasting rooms on the way and stopped in for a beer flight. The best one was a curry coconut stout, which I might have to go back and drink again tomorrow.




Then we ventured to the Spruce Street Suspension Bridge, which is another one of my favorite things in San Diego. I stumbled upon it accidentally on one of my long walks when I used to live here. San Diego is actually full of foot bridges, but I think this one is the most majestic. People like to leave padlocks locked onto the metal cables with their names and dates on them- like carving your lover’s initials into a tree. We also encountered some people having a beer and a sandwich, just hanging out in the middle of the bridge.







And of course, the day would not be complete without a trip to Balboa Park and…doing this on a rock. Naturally.