I’ve been in New York for a few days, and honestly- I feel pretty worn out. All of the comings and goings are exhausting me, and the humidity also seems to be sapping my energy. I had a pretty grueling shuttle ride from LaGuardia on Monday- one that was filled to capacity with people, including an Australian family with 4 kids that literally did not shut up for the entire 75 minutes it took for us to get into the city. Couple that with the fact that the driver was the WORST EVER, who not once came to a complete stop the entire time we were driving, because every time we were at a stoplight he would continually tap the gas and brake, guaranteeing that I almost vomited 12 times on the way- and I’ve felt a bit nauseous and physically off since I’ve arrived. I’m grumpy.

However- I’m staying in the West Village with my good friend Jessica, who is amazing and I’m so happy to get to see her on this trip. I’ve had the opportunity to take yoga class from her and she’s an excellent teacher. We had delicious beer and 3 dollar falafel sandwiches- and I’m getting caught up in her energy and the way she navigates the city with ease.

We’ve also been doing some self care things, since I feel like I destroyed my body a little with the bike trip. Yesterday, pedicures and 40 dollar Asian massages- today, a haircut.






I also was so happy to see my friend Rosa, who was passing through New York for a day. We took a walk on the Highline and caught up.