Reykjavik, Iceland (day 1)

Yesterday I flew out of New York’s thunderstorms and into Iceland- arriving at my hostel around 1:30 am. After my hostel stay in Miami Beach, this place is seriously fancy and amazing- there is a giant lobby area with a bar and restaurant where they also have live music in the evening. I’m in a 6 person dorm room, and my bed is actually comfortable- I even have a giant duvet (in Miami I didn’t even get a blanket). My roommates are all really fantastically interesting people- there’s the couple who is currently sharing wine with me- a photographer and a recent college grad biologist/geologist. And there’s Liam, from Perth- who is traveling indefinitely and who I spent most of the day with today.

The first thing we did after having breakfast at the hostel was walk around a Saturday flea market:





Afterwards, we ventured to the The Icelandic Phallological Museum, which, as expected- was full of preserved mammal penises.



Then we wandered around town, popping into random stores and stopping eventually for a whiskey. It’s cold in Iceland- only in the 50s during the day, with really gusty strong (cold) winds. Honestly, it feels just like Seattle in the winter- plus gusty wind.













At the hostel:



Tomorrow I get to go to the Blue Lagoon! I’m looking forward to luxuriating in warm water after traipsing around in the wind all day today.