Amsterdam: Day 1 and 2 and Happy Birthday to me!

I arrived in Amsterdam last night, and I have to say I feel pretty enchanted by this city. After getting settled into my airbnb (a birthday splurge), I went out to meet my friend Adam (Canadian, met in Poland) to celebrate my birthday early.

It was a pretty epic night of many things, which included lots of wandering around the city until 2 AM. Some time around 1, we ended up at this park close to where I am staying. As our eyes adjusted, we realized it was a secret bunny island.







Today (my birthday!) I woke up around noon and spent much of the day recovering from last night’s festivities.

Photos of people on bikes. Oh my god, the bike culture here is astounding. So far I’ve seen people riding one handed holding an umbrella with the other hand, someone riding with their dog on the bike with them, lots of people with their infants seemingly propped in the front near the handle bars, and all sorts of people clinging onto the backs of bikes propelled by their friends.







Despite being really wiped out, I did managed to eat eggs benedict, go to Foam, which is an amazing photography museum, and take myself out to a delicious Italian dinner. And eat this cake, of course: