Miami Beach

Because I’m generally a very nervous flyer, I barely slept en route to Miami. This meant that I passed out in the Atlanta airport between flights, and also that I was in a daze most of my day/night in Miami Beach.

I stayed at the Sobe hostel in South Miami Beach- my first hostel stay ever! Everyone was very friendly and helpful, and I had really lovely German sister roommates. After I checked in to my hostel, I picked up my bike from the bike shop, which will be my transport for the next 9 days. I managed to bike around South Beach, to and from the grocery store- without killing myself.

Upon returning to the hostel, I passed out and had a glorious 3 hour nap. It started thunder storming while I was napping, which was somehow magical and comforting from the haze of sleep.

I decided that I needed to at least take a walk around Miami Beach, as I knew I would be leaving relatively early the next day. As I was shooting, I realized that I kept taking photos of people and creatures in alone moments- my mind is stuck on the fact that this is the first leg of my solo traveling, and I’m wondering how I will do now that I’m not in the company of friends and familiarity.