Berlin, day 1 and 2

After the Louvre, I got on a Eurolines bus headed for Berlin. I made a lovely friend from Columbia, Marcia, who kept me company on the 16 hour trek to Berlin. Sleeping on a bus (especially with a cold or whatever plague I have managed to catch) is quite challenging but definitely not the worst experience I’ve had. We arrived around 9 AM and I was able to help Marcia find her way to the hostel via the metro and also get myself to where I am staying, with a friend, Elliat. I actually don’t know Elliat that well yet (she’s the niece of Pat, the choreographer I work with in Seattle), but so far she’s fucking fabulous. She’s been so generous with her space/time/food, etc. that I could cry.

I was pretty tired and groggy (and sick) most of the day, but it was perfect nonetheless. It was Elliat’s roommate Juli’s birthday yesterday, so we spent the day eating and playing mini golf. The mini-golf place was amazing- it was straight out of the 1960/70s and not very crowded at all. As it was 90 degrees F here yesterday, we spent some quality time hanging out in the kiddie pool.




We got Vietnamese food for dinner and then walked home. I’m staying on Sonnenelee, south east of the center of Berlin.



Being in Berlin has been a little emotionally challenging so far and I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s because the neighborhood I’m staying in is much less touristy than Paris, thus making it more intimidating to a foreigner who doesn’t speak the language. Maybe it’s because a lot of places here don’t take my credit card (and I’m waiting for funds to be available on my debit card, which makes me feel pretty stuck/unable to do things.) Maybe it’s just because I’m sick and a little weary of traveling. Whatever the case, I’m finding myself feeling a little bit paralyzed today. Other traveling people have described to me that terrified feeling of not being able to leave the place you are staying, and I am definitely experiencing that a little bit now.


I think tomorrow I might try to take a bike tour of the city to get more comfortable and acquainted with things.