Scotland, Inverness Day 1

After my tumble down the stairs in Edinburgh, I fumbled my way onto one of the few train rides I was able to afford on this trip.

At first, I was mad at this old lady because she took my (assigned) window seat, but then when I saw her struggling with the lid on her cup of tea I felt bad for being a grumpy asshole and made friends.


My hostel was a little shabby, but also somehow awesome. I did have a roommate with some interesting ideas about cleanliness though:


I cannot accurately describe the beauty of Inverness. Luckily, I took a lot of photos. My first full day there, I decided to attempt a roughly 16 mile bike ride (I wasn’t sure about my stamina due to the shoulder) to Dores and back. After getting used to riding on the WRONG side of the road, I was off.

Loch Ness, from a distance.

The same view, but with these adorable sheep.

Loch Ness.







I was dealing with some emotional issues around returning home and well as the body pain of my shoulder, so I noticed that I isolated myself quite a bit in Inverness. I think it was actually exactly what I needed though. This hike through the woods was incredibly mind clearing and beautiful.








When I was a kid, I remember always looking for 4-leaf clovers and never, ever finding them. Somehow though, in the past few years they just seem to be everywhere. I found two on this trip- this one, in Scotland, and the other one was gruesomely at Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland.


Dores Inn, where I had lunch and of course beer.






A nice tavern down the street from my hostel.


After the bike ride, I got back to Inverness in time to go to this amazing old bookstore, complete with curmudgeonly owner.


After some resting at my hostel, I took myself out for the last fancy meal of the trip. I had lamb, potatoes, and wine and it was all delicious. I got a little bit of attitude for daring to eat out by myself- I’m not sure why. I LOVE eating alone! I sat there reading Margaret Atwood and just thoroughly enjoying myself.

Inverness at night. _JMP6749small