Scotland, Inverness day 2

My second and last full day in Inverness I decided to do one of those Loch Ness boat tour things. Happily, it was a gorgeous, sunny, almost warm day. Sadly, it was a gorgeous, sunny, almost warm day- which took away the creepy, Loch Ness monster vibe. Still, I can’t say I actually minded.




I tried to make this photo dark and spooky.


This German couple was smooching the whole time.


At one point, everyone went below deck and I had the whole upper deck to myself. So of course, silly self portraits were had.

Silly tourists. Oh, wait…

Urquhart Castle




I want to fill a room with these scary, fake cats and have a performance._JMP6846small

I walked around these neighborhoods a lot.




After my boat tour, some lunch, and a long walk back to my hostel, I went to the food co-op for dinner and sundries for my 14 HOUR trek back to London to fly out the next day. Sadly, my last two days abroad were all massive travel days with no fun. But that just seems to be how it goes.

One skill that I seem to have developed is the ability to fall asleep anywhere- whenever anything is just too boring, uncomfortable, grueling, traumatizing, or annoying- I noticed that I started to pass out. I got so good at this that I actually passed out in the sun during the ride back on the boat. I slept for a lot of the 14 hour bus ride, and then on my 11 hours of flying on the 6th, I actually managed to sleep for a few of those hours (I am the most nervous flier ever, but it was actually okay- no turbulence.) I’m going to chalk this up as a really useful life skill that I hope I can maintain- just know that if I’m with you and I start to fall asleep, you just might be annoying, boring, or traumatizing. =) HA.

I made it back to Seattle on Saturday night, and in my first week back I managed to see a dance performance, give 22.5 hours of massage, take a technique class, perform for a benefit, and go on a 25 mile bike ride. Ahhhhh, welcome back to the workaholic ways. (Actually, this is something I’d like to change, going forward).

So far I’ll say it’s really good to be home, back in my space with Betty and all my things and more clothing than I know what to do with. I have some big life changes coming up, but I feel like if I can carry over the confidence that traveling alone for 3 months has given me, I can accomplish anything.